Online English Editor …

At The Village Scribe, we offer online English editor, writer, copywriter, journalist, and wordsmith skills, for about the same hourly rate as a casual tradesman. As a business person, using our service you can be confident that what we write about your goods and services, will be presented in a readable, interesting and accurate way.

Our writers were all educated in The United Kingdom. Each has a high level of skills and many years of experience writing and editing in the English language.

We are based on the eastern seaboard of Australia, north of Sydney but some of our editors live and work in the UK on London time (GMT), so overnight work is possible from either side of the globe.


Written English needs to be good or readers will ‘bin it’!

To convey clear meaning is the purpose of any business text.

In websites, leaflets, brochures, booklets, instruction manuals and even business letters, a business will not present a professional image if its written material is difficult to read. All too often, meaning is lost in a muddle of poor grammar, faulty spelling and inappropriate punctuation. Even if a reader is not a great writer themselves, they will usually pick errors in someone else’s text. This means they lose interest and confidence in both the writer and the subject, so the piece gets dropped in the bin!

Our writers and editors have the English language skills to prepare high quality texts for discerning business clients, who understand that good written English really matters.

Our online English editor service is fast, accurate and affordable. It will maintain the standard of the written English you present to today’s customers and your prospects for the future.