The art of the copywriter is many-faceted. But whatever the medium; website, leaflet, newspaper or magazine advertisement etc… we ask three questions.

1 Who do we want to read this piece?

2 What do we want them to know?

3 How do we want them to respond when they have read it?

By knowing who we are talking to, we know how to speak to them. Obviously we would use one ‘voice’ if the target market is say, football fans… selling a brand of beer. We would use a different ‘voice’ to write about a cruise ship holiday designed for retirees.

What we want them to know. This is detail about the product or service. What we know about its nearest rival, where it’s priced… low price or better quality, what’s the deal? And where do you get it?

How do we want the reader to respond having read it?… In most promotional or advertising pieces, the copywriter will include a call to action. It may be there’s a time limit on the deal and they need to get to the supermarket quickly or miss out. It may just be a suggestion that the website has more detail.

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