Terms of trading

For pieces 1000 words or less we can offer a 24 hour turnaround (or less).  Our rate is $AU85.00 per hour* and an invoice will be attached to the final edited text email.

Overnight work of 1000 words can usually be undertaken within 12 hours with a 50% loading.

Unless you are in Australia, to pay us, you use the ‘overseas payment’ feature on your bank’s website to transfer funds into our holding account. The site will calculate the appropriate exchange rate for the day.  In Australia simply use the ‘pay anyone’ feature. We require the amount payable to be transferred within 24 hours of receipt of the invoice.

When there are longer pieces we will quote both for the time it will take to edit, and the estimated first draft delivery time.

Occasionally, for longer pieces, especially for new clients, we will require a part payment before commencing the work, with the balance payable on completion.

* Some editing businesses charge by the word and then charge additional fees if the work is particularly time consuming.  We have found that we can be most efficient and deliver best value by charging simply for the time taken to complete the work. This time is logged for each session undertaken.   Upon request, clients are welcome to inspect the logs associated with their work.


Free service note: When you are happy with the final version of the text, please don’t change it.  If you really have to, with last minute information, we offer a free post-invoice service to check that your last minute change does not display poor English. (Limited to processing 75 words).  Run it past us … one last time!