JournalistReporting and storytelling is the domain of the journalist. Originally one who would keep a journal, a diary of events. Today in writing for newspapers and magazines, the journalist needs to match the style of the publication. ‘Advertorials’, advertisements written in editorial style, offer an opportunity to write about an event, a person, or a product in order to gain public exposure.

Press releases are another useful way to get a business name in the public eye when it is doing something interesting in the community.  Not only can we write effective press releases but we can help get them noticed by editors, who decide whether they get published. For example, it’s recommended that a relevant photograph or illustrative graphic be sent with the text. An eye-catching pic can often help in the competitive rush for space on the page.

With our journalist hat on, we also write newsletters. These can be prepared as text for a website, a pdf publication for emailing to customers, or delivered as artwork ready for print.

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